A Day at The Mount

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30 November 2019

Our travel planner says we are stopping at Tauranga but we are really docked about 10 minutes away at Mount Maunganui or The Mount which is a seaside resort with a village atmosphere. After our last few busy days we are not taking tours to Rotorua or surrounds but staying right here. There are no shuttles in to town today as we are docked about a ten minute walk from the main beach. As we leave the ship we can see The Mount straight ahead of us. The village is situated between both the bay which is a lovely calm beach and a surf beach with only a few street blocks separating them.

Also surprising and something we don’t encounter in Australia are these tsunami warning signs all along the beachfront. Better to be safe than sorry in such an earthquake prone region.

Our first stop was at The Mount Hot Pools where I have a massage booked for this afternoon and we hired a locker for the day for our bags with towels and bathers. No point carrying them all day and a simple $2 charge. We then headed to The Mount at about 10am. There are a number of walking trails including a base walk around the mount or a couple of different trails to the summit one which includes many stairs. From the map we took the 4WD track where there are seats along the way and we stopped many times both to rest and to take in the wonderful views. Many locals seem to take this walk or run it as a weekly challenge but it is exhausting and quite steep. We did not turn right to finish our walk to the summit but turned left and headed down with this From the map we took the 4WD track to the left until it met the Oruahine Track which then joined with the base walking track to the surf beach. There are no rails but the stairs did help our descent and the views were wonderful during our one and a half hour walk.




We were very happy to find Coffee Club right at the base and thoroughly enjoyed our iced coffees and shared a muffin. We then set off along the surf beach and walked to Moturiki Island as well. It was a busy Saturday morning with school beach volleyball and lots of food trucks parked right at the beach.


Our day continued with wandering the village area and then having a light late lunch before checking in at the pools again. I checked in for a lovely massage and we both just rested our bodies lazing in the hot pools. We also took the chance of the free time to call home.


We made our way back to the ship eating ice creams and had a rest before heading to dinner and the show which was a production from the ship’s entertainers and very good. Time for bed as I think I’m getting a head cold.

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