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Hello, my name is Sandra and I am a holiday brocureholic!!!

<p>Well what a way to start this post. I have wanted to travel overseas more for a number of years but children, houses and the nitty gritty of everyday life simply came first. We have travelled quite a bit in Australia but the overseas travels have either been prior to marriage (in the dim dark ages) by myself or to Singapore and Hong Kong with my son, Matt. It has taken a year of planning to get to this trip and I am sure that with passports in hand we will be looking ahead to different adventures in the future.

I am a happy travel brochure shopper and attendee at the free travel shows put on by the travel companies. I always come home with many brochures to pour over and have a long favourites list on the computer.

But with this trip in hand and accommodation booked it was time to sort through those brochures and printed pages and determine what was worth keeping and what needed to be shredded and turned into worm food for our worm farms.

I have kept a few brochures as they outline many of the day trips which we still have to decide on – more in posts to come – and have placed information for each city into two ring binders with dividers for each city. So I have have two ring binders and one magazine holder.

Now I know I can read it all on the internet but it is difficult to take that to work to read in my breaks or to underline items of interest and then show Glenn and Matt at home. And I was studying packing lists last week and thought the addition of a couple of highlighter pens to mark maps and timetables etc would be invaluable.


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