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The weather is still a little rainy but we are heading out anyway. It’s only about 20 km to Gladstone and on our way home we’ll pick up a few groceries and fill the car with fuel for our journey home. Not many days left now.

We headed for the tourist information centre first which is located at the marina at the Port of Gladstone. It is a lovely big space which also serves as the departure point for various cruises including Heron Island.


We gathered a few brochures for this holiday and the next at Agnes Waters and asked some questions while it was quiet. Heading out we grabbed a coffee at McCafe until the rain cleared and then made our way up to the William Golding Memorial Lookout on top of Auckland Hill. This provided views over Port Curtis and the Gladstone Marina as well as Curtis and Facing Islands. Nearby is the top of a cliff-face waterfall and a 111 step walk down to Auckland Inlet and the Eastshores Precinct but we decided against that today.



Instead we found a park in the city centre and walked the main street. Amongst the beautifully restored buildings is the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum, one of the finest in provincial Queensland. Housed in the old Town Hall, the Gallery and Museum feature visiting and local collections. There were various displays including All Things Feminine – An exhibition of items from the Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum heritage collection. Featuring hand and commercially-made sleepwear, undergarments, clothing and adornments, from the early 1900’s to the 1970’s: Love Bites Domestic Violence Prevention  – An exhibition of works created in the LOVE BiTES Program since May 2018 to now. Artworks by local high school students, shown on paper, canvas and via digital displays. The interactive program is a Respectful Relationships Education Program for young people aged 15-17 years. It consists of two interactive workshops: one on Relationship Violence, and one on Sex and Relationships: Intercity Images 2019 – A display of all Gladstone Region entries exhibited in the annual photographic exchange between Sister Cities, Gladstone Region and Saiki City, Japan. Thirty selected entries will be enlarged and sent for display in Saiki City and the main exhibit, Australien Future Tales of Immigration – An exhibition of paintings, film footage and sculptural installation examining migration by artist Deb Mostert. Imagery drawn from her family’s migration in the 1950s is overlaid with the migration stories of our shorebirds. No photos were allowed but all exhibits were well worth visiting.

Wandering back along the main street I took some photos of the restored buildings – The Post Office, The Grand Hotel (now towered over by new constructions), Kullaroo House (once the Commercial Bank and now the home of the Port Authority). There are new buildings as well including the Entertainment Centre.



After a drive around to Barney Point Beach where the first settlers stepped ashore in 1847, we bought fuel and headed back to Tannum Sands where we did our shopping and then bought fish and chips to eat at the beachfront.

There is some lovely art work as well as a very different type of speedbump in the road. Driving over turtles (part of the Turtle Way walk) just does not seem right.


I got a great shot of this red tailed black cockatoo and then the beach that was quite deserted.


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