Arriving at Takarakka Bush Resort

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We had a quiet morning at Injune and managed a load of washing ahead of setting off. We hung the lines inside the van and it dried as we travelled. In Injune we stopped for a short time to take in the art gallery and then buy a few supplies at the supermarket and some beer. It will be cheaper here than at the resort. After having a cuppa in the van we headed north.


Today we only had to travel about 90 kms to the turnoff for Carnarvon Gorge and even from about 20 km out we could see the sandstone cliffs rising amongst the bush. Once we hit the turnoff it’s another 40km to the park and this road is a little slower with cattle grazing on both sides or even sitting in the middle of the road. When a big black Brahman bull sits in the middle of the road and looks at you, you know it’s their territory. You also need to slow for the creek crossings which whilst cleared still show signs of the flooding only a couple of weeks ago. The signage is great so we had no dramas finding the resort but were a little surprised to cross this causeway to enter. We were also greeted by a cloud of chocolate coloured bats flying above us.


We checked in and then found our site settled in amongst the trees and close to the creek. We are in Platypus circle and each area has an up to date amenities block in the centre of the circle. There are also camp kitchen areas, firepits and clotheslines.

We were also welcomed by these little guys just wandering amongst it all.

It’s very quiet and we settled for an easy afternoon ahead of our big walk tomorrow. At 4pm each day they have Happy Hour here followed by orientation talks at 5pm. Of course Glenn found someone he used to work with so we had a chat with them during Happy Hour. We headed back for dinner before walking to the spot for our Guide to the Galaxy only to find it was cancelled due to cloud cover. Other nights of our stay will be too close to full moon to be viable so we will get a full refund. Walking back we realised it was movie night and joined others at the outdoor cinema watching The Castle. An oldie but a goodie.

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