Budget Wrap Up – 2019 New Zealand Cruise

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We are back at home now and I’ve had time to finalise the costs and exchange those NZ dollars we had left. Julie and I booked this cruise back in June 2018 and simply booked it on the Princess Cruise website. We knew the New Zealand cruises book out quickly as they only run for a few summer months. Whilst there are a few cruises that leave from Brisbane we were interested in all of the ports on this cruise and we are glad we chose it. Overall though the demographic was a lot older than we had imagined with perhaps only about 35% of the guests under 60. That’s something to think about and it also meant that some of the activities were more tailored to an older age group. Fun is what you make it though and by sharing dinner tables we met an interesting group of people, quite a few from England and others from America. There are certainly a lot of people who book cruises that flow on from each other and we met a lady on the last day who were staying on board for the Noumea cruise which would make 5 cruises back to back over 60 days. We both felt that two weeks was long enough and a port each day can be tiring.

During the year I heard an advertised deal for our cruise and rang to obtain the same benefits. This included $50 on board spending each, a complimentary bottle of wine and complimentary dining in a specialty restaurant. That one phone call saved us $236 so it was well worth it.

Our shore excursion costs and spending money was reduced by the stop at Akaroa being cancelled.

Overall my costs for two weeks are

Cruise – 13 nights $        2,769.00
Insurance $                   75.72
Return flights Sydney $                198.00
Hotel Sydney $                129.10
Shore Excursions $                619.75
Spending – includes refunds Akaroa and Hop on Hop off Auckland $                691.13
Total $             4,482.70

This would have been reduced had we taken a cruise from Brisbane and it depends on your shore excursions and spending.

So long until the next trip.

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