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We had another short drive (gotta love them) and arrived in Albany to find it a very large city in comparison to where we have been since Perth. Luckily the lady at Denmark had given me an Albany map as this helped us work out which route to take to find our caravan park which is about 10km out of the town centre. Some are along the beaches but we back on to the King River in the farm area. This is the view behind our van.


It was very windy but at least the sun was shining so after lunch we headed out to the Torndirrup National Park which has some natural attractions including Natural Bridge and The Gap. We used our national parks pass and walked along the paths to Natural Bridge first. There are a number of signs warning you to stay on the paths due to the danger of coastal erosion and you can see this clearly on the hill. By the way it’s not raining, that is how much spray is being thrown up by the wind.

We moved across to The Gap which now has a platform built out over the opening and you can see the water rushing in through the grid pattern in the metal floor.

We continued out to The Blow Holes next but were disappointed that we could only hear them and see a little spray after walking downhill for 800 metres including 78 steps. At least uphill we had the wind at our backs. We could see Bald Head in the distance at the end of the national park.


Heading back in to the town centre we made our way out to Middleton Beach and found Dog Rock on the way. We remembered that from our trip in 1986.



Middleton Beach runs from Ellen Cove and the SLSC to Emu Point and the Big 4 caravan park is situated right here at the beach which would be great for families.


Making our way back to the town centre we drove along Marine Drive which runs around Albany Heritage Park and stopped at one of the lookouts for photos. This water runs into the harbour and these islands and headlands are at least 10km away.



We found a café called Kate’s Place in the heritage precinct and enjoyed our drinks and hot chips overlooking the harbour. There are some lovely historic buildings that are being restored and repurposed and the last photo shows the old rooflines with the new addition of the Entertainment Centre in the background.


We headed back to watch the footy finals and have dinner at home. More exploring to do tomorrow.

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