CAWA Trip 2018 – Animal Capers in the Forest

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After breakfast we started our pack up and were joined by a couple of kookaburras. They were quite tame flying into the tree beside our van and before long Glenn was hand feeding one of them.

We were ready to depart ahead of time and the sun was trying to shine so we headed for the walkway along the inlet to the ocean beach. Although chilly it was a nice way to start the day.

After filling with fuel we turned at the town of Karridale and started our journey East. We now have about six weeks to travel home. Driving through the Blackwood River Valley we arrived in the town of Nannup and found the Foreshore (river) Park for our morning tea break. It is a very pretty park set amongst the trees along the river and with walking trails leading from it. We crossed the old railway bridge to take photos of the flowing river and found the Flood Tree with yellow markers for the various levels of the Blackwood River. The top two are well above my head level standing on the railway bridge which has been a saviour for the town in times of flood as the road bridge goes under.

There is a set of eight totem piles which are the result of a collaborative project celebrating Nannup’s past, present and future and showcase eight aspects of Nannup’s cultural heritage. There is also an arboretum here that was planted in 1926 and the trees have now reached full growth in under 100 years.


Driving on we passed these lush green fields before we entered the region of the Southern Forests with a stop in the town of Manjimup for our lunch of hot soup and toasted sandwiches in the van as it’s still cold. It didn’t take long then to drive the 30 km to our site for the next two nights at Quinninup Eco Park which is set on fifty acres of forest. As we’d been advised we drove in to find a spot and passed an emu with his chicks and probably 50 kangaroos who really didn’t care that we drove by.

It didn’t take long for the magpies to find us and as soon as we tossed them some bread, they were joined by a dozen green parrots for more feeding. One of the magpies even walked into the van so we will need to keep the screen closed. Before long the kangaroos came closer to feed on the grass near us and then Mr Emu decided to visit with his chicks. We had been warned that he was very protective and I got some photos before he hissed at Glenn when he was getting a beer from the car fridge. Was that his territory or did he want a beer for Father’s Day??? By the way they are looking for a caretaker here if anyone is interested.



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