CAWA Trip 2018 – Back to Norseman

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We spent some time this morning exploring the map and camps along the Nullarbor. Our original plan was to stay at Fraser Range on the first night and then cross over three days however we found out via a facebook group that we can’t fill our water tanks there and the dump point is closed. After some research I located two dump points across the Nullarbor and we altered our plans a little.

The road across the Nullarbor Plain from Norseman in WA to Ceduna in SA is just over 1,200km long and we will be breaking the journey in four days.

Day 1 – Norseman to Balladonia – 188km (stay in caravan park behind roadhouse)
Day 2 – Balladonia to free camp at Moodini Bluff -359km (just after Madura)
Day 3 – Moodini Bluff crossing the border to free camp at Head of Bight – 297km (at the end of the word Nullarbor in Nullarbor National Park)
Day 4 – Head of Bight to Ceduna – 285km (caravan park for 2 nights)


We left Coolgardie and said goodbye to the goldfields heading back to the free camp at Norseman. The emus came out to greet us as we were leaving but the road was fairly uneventful only viewing the salt lakes like this one.


We filled with fuel to avoid stopping in the morning and then settled in to camp. Again it’s hot but we have loved seeing these fields of gazania flowers along the road side and parks and they are even here in the free camp.


In the morning we will fill the water tanks and head off but we are not sure of internet access on the journey. Perhaps the next time you hear from me we will be in South Australia.

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