CAWA Trip 2018 – Budget Update 5

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We’ve now just passed the 20 week mark and have ever turned east so we are on the homeward stretch with only 6 weeks left. The last four weeks saw us explore the Central Coast of West Australia heading south to the capital city of Perth and then exploring the Margret River region staying in Busselton and Augusta. As you will see our expenses for day trips has really decreased which is welcome and a lot of our sightseeing has been scenery. Fuel prices have been a little more regular and we have now covered more than 17,800 kilometres on our journey.
Our costs this month and totals in brackets (143 days)
Kilometres covered – 3513 (17865)
Cost – $955.46 ($5119.89)
Litres – 624.11 (3225.13)
Average km per litre – 5.54 overall
Average fuel cost – $1.54 per litre ($1.60 per litre overall)

Free Camps – 6 (37)
Low Cost (showgrounds, pubs, national parks, etc) – 2 (15)
Caravan Parks – 20 (83)
House Darwin – 8 ($1500)
Total Cost – $822.97 ($3533.37 excl house)
Average per night – $26.17 ($35.20 incl house)

We have used more caravan parks than intended as the weather is colder than expected and also a little wet.

Gas Refill – $45.98 ($117.98) – We are using to get the best prices and waiting for the larger city meant two in one month.
Laundry – $0 ($22)
Day Trips and Entry Fees above $50 – $405.50 ($5042.60)
This month our day trip costs were much reduced but included the glass bottom boat at Coral Bay, tours to the Shark Bay Aquarium and New Norcia, a coin from the Perth Mint to add to Glenn’s collection and some lunches out including the Lobster Shack.

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