CAWA Trip 2018 – Busselton

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We were woken by a thunderstorm at 3am and it continued to rain through to the morning and then changed to showers. We decided on a Busselton day and after putting a roast pork in the slow cooker headed off to the Art Geo Centre at the beach end of Queen Street. We first wandered the gallery before crossing the road to the old Courthouse and Goal which have been kept for viewing but are also used to house local artist’s work and as a gallery store. There are also local artisans at work in the stables at the back of the building and you can view or buy their work or take classes.


Whilst this floor might look like slate it is actually jarrah timber cut in blocks. Many floors in Melbourne and even London were made with this same timber at the time. The remaining statues also caught our attention.

The goal was still cold even today and there were single cells and a larger cell at the end for Aboriginal prisoners. You can still see the shackles along the wall. The cells were originally made of masonry (white walls) until the prisoners managed to climb them and break out though the bars on the windows. They then covered the walls with jarrah to make this much harder.

After viewing this area we wandered along Queen Street checking out some of the shops and finally settling on coffee at one of the cafes. Next to modern shops the Fire Station has had an area added on the side and is now a pizza restaurant.  A lovely town park is in the centre of the main city area.

It had started raining heavier again so we decided that was enough for the day and headed back to add the vegies to the slow cooker and be warm and dry. We are watching weather reports and planning ahead for our drives in to the Margaret River area.

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