CAWA Trip 2018 – Cape Bauer Coastal Drive

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This is the second of our drives in this area but much shorter than yesterday. We drove along the foreshore of the town centre and then headed out to the inland side of the loop drive first. This is farming country with houses spaced well apart, although they almost all have wonderful views of the bay. We reached the coastline at Hallys Beach, where a series of platforms and stairs have been constructed to take you down to the beach. It is very windy today (we would never get used to this) and we stayed near the top and watched one fisherman trying his luck from the beach.

The next stop on the drive was Whistling Rocks and the Blowholes where a more elaborate set of stairs and boardwalks have been built to provide great views. The booklet warned that dune migration on the boardwalk can at times restrict wheelchair access and this was certainly true today. But once over the sand the boardwalk was great.


We walked out first to the left side where you could easily see the Whistling Rocks. These are the small holes that whistle and breathe as the ocean swells advance and recede.

Moving across to the Blowholes we were not so lucky as the wind was not blowing onshore today and the tide was not at the right level for the pressure to build. We did however, take some lovely photos.


Continuing the drive past Cape Bauer we soon headed back into town stopping at the boat ramp for views across the bay. By now it was time for lunch so we decided to linger and enjoy the views longer by having lunch at the hotel looking over the bay. It was a quiet afternoon with time to call home before watching the NRL grand final.


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