CAWA Trip 2018 – Cowaramup

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Despite some showers and light wind we headed off for a drive to Cowaramup or Cowtown as it is known. It’s only about 40km but how the weather can change. Before long we were being buffeted on the road by the wind and then the rain decided to become heavier and horizontal. Our first stop was at the Margaret River Dairy Company where we tested and then purchased some cheese and yoghurt. At least the cow statue outside was colourful and the food yummy.

We drove on to Cowaramup and found a car park and raced in to the Margaret River Regional Wine Centre. I did some taste testing and found a couple I liked to purchase and Glenn found some beers and jerky. I purchased one called ‘The Herd’ resplendent with cows on the label and which must be drunk ‘completely friesian’.
We were astounded by the number of the region’s wines on display and the sales person told us there are still hundreds more not in their store.
We crossed the road to the Candy Cow and tested the fudge before buying a small block each of Irish Cream and Salted Caramel. Yum!!!

By this time the rain was teeming down so we moved the car closer to a café and went in to enjoy a hot lunch and coffee. With the weather I only managed to photograph a couple of the 42 cow statue which dot the town and give it it’s character.
Back at home we turned on the fan heater which dried us out as well as the towels. Given it’s a short day for writing today I will add an item of interest.
Why do south west West Australian towns end with ‘up’
The suffix originated in a dialect of Noongar, an Indigenous Australian language, in which “-up” means “place of”. The suffix “-in” or “-ing” has a similar meaning in a related dialect of Noongar. Places tended to be named after their distinctive features, whereby the place names could be used to create a “mental map” allowing Indigenous Australians to determine where water, food and other raw materials could be found. A list of towns and their meanings can be found via Wiki –

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  1. Avatar Barb Wood says:

    I like Cowaramup. Last time me, daughter and grandkids went down it was windy and raining too, not as much fun when you need to shelter from the squalls and you have a 2 year old to worry about! Next time we will go on a nicer day. I am liking your blog.

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