CAWA Trip 2018 – Crossing the Nullarbor 2

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We slept well and even though fairly close to the highway we didn’t hear a lot of traffic noise. We headed off just before 9am to complete the longest straight stretch of road in Australia. The Fuel Map app told us that fuel was the most expensive at Caiguna so we continued on knowing that both of our jerry cans are full. We did however have to change our clocks forward 45 minutes here. The name Nullarbor means ‘treeless plain’ but as you can see from these photos that is doesn’t mean no vegetation at all. We even had patches with either yellow shrubs or these lovely purple wildflowers on both sides of the highway.



Arriving at the next service station at Cocklebiddy we learned that they did not have any diesel so we filled the tank with our own supplies knowing that the next stop at Madura was only 91km away. After our coffee we took a photo of this sign at the Cocklebiddy Motel and Roadhouse.



We drove down the Madura Pass and whilst we didn’t stop at the lookout (we missed the turn) we could get these photos from inside the car. Pretty spectacular!!!!!


At Madura we again filled with fuel and then just before Mundrabilla we stopped at a rest area called Jilah Rockhole to have our lunch. Luckily we weren’t relying on too much at Mundrabilla itself as this is it, a roadhouse which is now card only fuel and no facilities at all.


After our lunch stop it was only 75km to Eucla, the last town in Western Australia. We climbed the Eucla Pass and then called in to buy fuel, running into some of the other travellers we had met along the way. A few of them were playing golf along the Nullarbor Golf Course where there are holes at various stops and roadhouses from Ceduna to Kalgoorlie. Eucla has one of these directional signs and it so close to the Southern Ocean that I could walk out to the swimming pool behind the hotel and take this ocean photo.

It was only another 12km to the WA/SA border where there is Border Village, a quarantine station for WA, a full border sign and Rooey 2 complete with his jar of vegemite. Again we brought our clocks forward 45 minutes and are now on South Australia time and only 30 minutes behind home in Queensland.

We only continued for another 10km to finally arrive at our free camp for tonight and set up camp. Glenn went for a walk and found that it’s only about 2km to the cliffs but I stayed back to take some lovely sunset photos and also one of our free camp at full moon. We will take another walk in the morning.

Sunset 2









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