CAWA Trip 2018 – Denmark

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It was a short drive to Denmark and again the weather is a little against us. We stopped at the auto electrician and he had fixed the battery pack so good news there. Denmark lies on the Denmark River and we turned off just before the bridge and drove alongside the river and parks to our caravan park at the mouth of the river. The park is not busy until the school holidays hit so we were able to park across two spaces like a drive through site which will make it easy to hook up ahead of leaving tomorrow.


Glenn took some time to reconnect the battery pack and as rain had started we decided on a quiet afternoon. About 3:30pm we headed into the town centre and found some shops open to have a browse but the galleries were closed. We also tried to find a pub to watch the football as we don’t have tv reception in the caravan park and ended up at the tavern again but they were having live music and not even showing the AFL. We shared a pizza for dinner and headed back.

The rain continued through the night but I was able to take these photos before we left on Saturday morning. It would be a lovely place to stay in the warmer months. The river runs into the inlet that then meets the ocean at Ocean Beach which I showed you a couple of days ago.

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