CAWA Trip 2018 – Goldfields Museum

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We decided to split our day today and head out in the morning, back home to relax this afternoon and then go out for dinner and grocery shopping. Based on our route Kalgoorlie will be the last Woolworths and chance for complete shopping until Broken Hill in NSW. Our first stop was the public lookout at the Super Pit for views from the opposite direction. The information is provided via story boards inside a covered area and some machinery is on display. From this angle we could see the water reservoir at the bottom of the pit.

We then headed out to the Mt Charlotte lookout for a view of the super pit in the distance and then drove into the town centre to visit the Goldfields Museum which showcases the history of the Eastern Goldfields and the city’s mining heritage. The entrance to the museum is set under a mining frame and within this is housed an elevator to take you to the top for views over the mines and the city of Kalgoorlie.


Entry to the museum is free however donations are requested and we were happy to part with $10 for the visit. We were also lucky that the free guided tour has just commenced and we quickly joined three others and our guide in The Vault under the ground floor. Here we were able to see the largest display of the State’s collection of gold bars and nuggets, see street pavers with specs of gold in them and brooches and fob watches made of gold by the miners.

We then went to the first floor where we could step back in time to see how the prospectors searched for gold and to learn about the life and hardships faced by mining families during the early 1900’s. Does anyone fancy carting all of their possessions, equipment, food and water on a cart for 590km from Perth to try their luck at finding gold or riding a wooden bicycle.

Outside our guide showed us some replica buildings before taking us to the heritage-listed British Arms Hotel which is believed to be the narrowest pub in the Southern Hemisphere and houses three display galleries upstairs which we could visit later. These are Dr Rout’s dental surgery, the display of historic Trade Union banners, and a recreation of an Edwardian parlour on the Goldfields.  We visited the parlour for a photo after the tour.

The last stop on the tour were the recreated opulent Kalgoorlie and Perth office and boardrooms of successful mining entrepreneur who made his fortunes here. After the tour we took the elevator to the top of the frame for the views of the mines and looking down Hannan Street.

We headed back to the caravan park for a relaxing afternoon and headed to a local pub for dinner before doing a full grocery shop at Woolworths. Based on our route this will be the last Woolworths until Broken Hill in NSW.







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