CAWA Trip 2018 – Hamelin Bay and Boranup Karri Forest

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Leaving Jewel Cave we headed north along Caves Road to the seaside again at Hamelin Bay. We walked over the sand dunes from the carpark and were lucky enough to see a couple of dolphins swimming around. In its heyday Hamelin Bay was a major timber port and the main jetty was 549 metres long. Today only the pylons remain as it was abandoned shortly after 1900 when five ships were wrecked during a violent storm. It became derelict and later was burnt. The coastline here is extremely dangerous and there is a shipwreck trail for divers to search the wrecks of seven ships.

Even though the weather was cloudy and windy I tried to replicate the painting from the gallery.

Moving on, we headed back to Caves Road and missing the first turn for the Boranup Karri Forest Drive, we checked out the wood work and art in the Boranup Gallery. Again they have beautiful pieces and sell on consignment for artists.
Our last venture for today was to drive the Boranup Forest Drive and we entered it just north of the gallery. Even though the road is unsealed it has  hard limestone base and is suitable for two-wheel drive vehicles. The drive winds its way through the Karri forest and loops back to Caves Road. The Karri trees are the third tallest in the world with some up to 60 metres tall.

It was a lovely drive through the forest and we came to the Boranup Lookout which provided us with views across the forest and the waters of nearby Hamelin Bay. I took a video of a little more than 180 degrees around the area and we could just make out the white speck of Cape Leeuwin lighthouse in the distance.

Finishing the drive we headed for home. There is more to see in this corner tomorrow.

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  1. Avatar Barb Wood says:

    I love Hamlin Bay and the rays coming in and swimming over your legs…Did you see any rays when you were there? We have not seen dolphins there though.

    1. Avatar aworld2see says:

      No we didn’t see the rays that day. Maybe the weather didn’t help. Too cold to be in the water.

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