CAWA Trip 2018 – Historic Boulder

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We have been staying in the Boulder side of the twin cities and this morning after checking out we parked the van and did our own walking tour of Historic Burt Street in Boulder, first stopping for a photo of the Palace Theatre built in the 1930 art deco style.


This statue is the Miners Monument erected in tribute to the miners of the Goldfields –  past, present and future.


Beautiful gardens in roundabouts are at each end of Burt Street and the buildings have been preserved and repurposed. The Blaze café appropriately used to be the fire station.

The Court Hotel opposite the Court House remains and the names still painted on the facades of the buildings give testament to their early beginnings.



We managed to buy a few dvd’s at the Red Cross shop for our drive across the Nullarbor for $2 each and then stopped at the bakery for some morning tea before heading to Coolgardie for our stop tonight.

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