CAWA Trip 2018 – Historic Kalgoorlie

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After the Super Pit tour we found a café nearby for some afternoon tea and then did a bit of a walking tour of Hannan Street which is the main street. The thriving days of glory for Kalgoorlie Boulder began in 1893 when three Irishmen, Patrick Hannan, Tom Flanagan and Daniel Shea, stumbled across 100 ounces of alluvial gold. Hannan rode through to Coolgardie to register their claim and the goldrush began. The two towns of Kalgoorlie and Boulder amalgamated in 1989 to form a twin city which is still one of the world’s biggest gold mining cities.  A statue to Patrick Hannan is located in the Town Hall and a replica in the main street.

By 1900 the population had grown to 25,000 and by 1905, Kalgoorlie Boulder had 6 banks, 3 breweries, 26 hotels, 5 hospitals and hundreds of shops. The buildings reflect the architecture of the period and many from that time remain. These are only two of the hotels.

The waste from the early mines was used to make bricks for the buildings in the town and these two buildings (Catholic Church and Exchange Hotel) were constructed before it was realised that the wrong pile of materials had been used and there was gold in the bricks.

With this much activity in town and many of the population being male it wasn’t long before the bordellos and the ladies of the night made an appearance in Hay Street. Questa Casa or the “Pink House” has been in operation for 114 years and is possibly the worlds oldest working brothel. A tour can be taken if you like.


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