CAWA Trip 2018 – Kambalda

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We waited at Norseman till 10am hoping that the gallery would then be open but sadly it was not. I understand that these small towns often run attractions through volunteers but if they want the business of the travelling public they need to advertise opening hours and stick to them. Heading north towards the goldfields we passed a number of roads leading to the various mine sites. We reached a little place called Widgiemooltha which is home to the ‘Golden Eagle’ with a statue to this in the front of the grounds of the service station.

The gold nugget which weighed 1135 oz was found by 16 year old Jim Larcombe in 1931, two years into the worldwide depression and brought life back to the goldfields and hope to Western Australia.

Where there was once a town there is now a service station/store/tavern/caravan park (all together) on the side of the road. We stopped for fuel which was actually a little cheaper than Norseman, happy to give them our business. After only 40km we reached Kambalda, our stop for the night, and easily located the free RV park and our travelling friends. The free camp is located beside the recreation centre and the ranger visited asking us to hand in receipts to the centre for any money spent in town as they use this to validate having the free camping arrangement. He also suggested we drive up Red Hill in the morning for views all around the area and gave some general information.

After lunch we took a walk around what was once a prosperous mining town and might be again as discoveries of new gold in the past couple of weeks have raised the excitement levels. The population has gradually been receding and recently the doctors left and the bank has closed. It is 60km to Kalgoorlie. We did a little shopping and handed in our dockets but we have not spent much in the past couple of days.

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