CAWA Trip 2018 – Karri Forest Explorer

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We started the day by trying to avoid the Emu dad who decided that our water tap was a great place to feed the chicks but we found that he did not like the sight of the broom. We headed out to the highway and back tracked a little to the town of Pemberton which is the central town to the Karri Forest Explorer drive only stopped at one gallery. Finding the tourist centre we picked up a map and brochures also for our next two stops and checked out where we could have lunch when we came back.




Following the Vasse Highway out of town, we entered the Beedelup National Park and took the short walk to Beedelup Falls (left on map above). The brochure says they are best seen in winter and spring and with the rain they have had here they are definitely flowing.




Coming out of the national park we entered Channybearup Road which wound through farms adjacent to the forest. We found a roadside stall selling avocados for $1 each so we stocked up.

Before long we turned back towards Pemberton on an unsealed road and stopped at –

The Big Karri – the height and girth of this tree are amazing.

Warren River Cedar – a short boardwalk takes you to the field of cedar in front of you.


Drove through Big Brook Arboretum and then stopped at Big Brook Dam. While it was cold and showery today it’s easy to imagine it packed in the summer months.

Back in Pemberton we had lunch at the hotel and then headed out to the Gloucester Tree which is one of three trees in this whole forest area with steps for the fire towers at the top. Can you see the fire tower in the last photo. You can now climb these trees at your own risk although we didn’t get too far.

We left the climbers to their fun and headed out to The Cascades before driving south to the town of Northcliffe and then cross country back home.


We covered a lot of the 86km Karri Forest Explorer in one day.


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