CAWA Trip 2018 – Norseman

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Today was a driving day. We started by heading in to the town centre to collect our painting and then packed it away carefully before departing. Heading north now for our last week in Western Australia we passed through some small towns with farms around us before buying fuel in Salmon Gums and then stopping at a free camp at Kumarl Siding for our morning coffee and cake. It is off the highway and would be a good overnight stop. We then drove on through the Great Western Woodlands which actually continues right through to the goldfields and cover 16 million hectares. It is able to be kept intact due to the remoteness and unsuitability for agriculture. We were also able to view a number of salt lakes from the highway.

We could not find any signs for the free camp at Brockway that we had been intending to stop at so continued to Norseman. After stopping at the tin statues of camels at the main roundabout we saw some signs to a RV park and followed them, happy to find a fenced area next to the showgrounds and sports fields which is a free camp.


Driving in we saw a familiar car and van which belongs to Ross and Di who we had last seen at Kings Canyon. After lunch we all went for a walk through the town centre but were disappointed that the historical museum and the photographic gallery were both closed. We asked at the tourist office and they should be open at 10am tomorrow so we might wait around to see the photos of surrounding areas and the Nullarbor crossing.

Norseman was named after a horse who used his hoof to scrape the soil and discover a nugget with ore in it back in 1864. A statue to him is in the town centre.


Ross and Di might be with us for the next couple of days as they are heading in the same direction.

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