CAWA Trip 2018 – The Final Budget Update

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We are now home and having the fun of unpacking and cleaning out the caravan. Will we ever get rid of the red dust!!!!

The last 10 days saw us leave the beaches of South Australia and head inland and east to cross South Australia and then outback NSW before the final leg home. We were able to use free and low cost camps mostly in this final journey. In total we have driven 24,737 km around this wonderful country which has shown so many highlights but also views of the drought stricken farms and outback areas. It takes a certain type of person to live in these inhospitable areas and be as buoyant as they are.

Our costs this month and totals in brackets (182 days)
Kilometres covered – 2519 (24737)
Cost – $752.63 ($7148.83)
Litres – 466.66 (4448.16)
Average km per litre – 5.56 overall
Average fuel cost – $1.612 per litre ($1.617 per litre overall)

Free Camps – 3 (48)
Low Cost (showgrounds, pubs, national parks, etc) – 5 (21)
Caravan Parks – 1 (103)
House Darwin – 8 ($1500)
Total Cost – $137.00 ($4346.15 excl house)
Average per night – $25.12 ($32.29 incl house)

Gas Refill – $17 ($134.98)
Laundry – $0 ($22)
Day Trips and Entry Fees above $50 – $0 ($5362.78)
While we allowed a budget of $600 per month for food and general spending we did overspend in this area by a total of $3391.25 which included the car and caravan servicing as well.
Our total cost per kilometre travelled is $1.20. This is higher than the $1 that websites suggest but of course this depends on your time travelling the distance and your choice of accommodation and tourist attractions visited.




As the sun sets on our six month trip we hope you have enjoyed travelling along with us and perhaps we have opened your eyes to parts of Australia you had not thought of visiting. A lot of these communities are dependant on the tourist dollar and would appreciate your business.

Stay tuned for our adventures next year, although they will be shorter trips and the reporting might be in the form of a website instead of a blog.


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