CAWA Trip 2018 – The Living Desert

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The Living Desert is Broken Hill City Council’s contribution to the environment, for the protection of flora and faun and also better management of the ecosystem and sustainability. It is nestled amongst the Barrier Ranges about 12km from the city and covers 2400 hectares being established in 1992. There are walking trails, a picnic area,  a campground, a flora and fauna reserve and The Sculptures, which was the purpose of our visit this morning.

Broken Hill is known for the art of painting but this was added to in 1993 when Gosford based sculpture, Lawrence Beck, suggested holding a symposium to add sculpture to the art culture. 53 tonnes of sandstone was transported to the Living Desert Reserve and over six weeks in April and May of 1993, international and Australian artists created the works on a hilltop.


We drove to the hilltop car park and wandered the path through the sculptures, also taking in the views all around. Each of the sculptures has a plaque with the details of the artist and a little about the work. Some have more detail than others but each tell their own story.

Enjoy!!! These are some of our favourites.



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