CAWA Trip 2018 – Walpole

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Today is our last day in Walpole and it’s still threatening showers and is cold. The last two mornings have been down to 4 and 5 degrees and with cloud cover it doesn’t warm up a whole lot. I have been wearing my scarf and today I have gloves on.

We headed out on a drive again, this time to the other side of the town. Our first stop was the Swarbrick art installation where sculptures have been created in an area of forest and there is a 500 metre loop to walk around and see them. Whilst it is written up as an attraction in the tourist booklets we were not that impressed as there are only about 5 sculptures.

Our drive continued through the forest and farmland to the Thurlby Herb Farm where the tearooms were open for morning tea and they have a retail area to sell their products. You have probably seen them in gift stores, galleries and garden stores. The herbs are grown here on 100 acres and all of the products are made here on site. A soap making session was taking place as we walked in and the scent filled the air. It’s a pity that you cannot tour the facility but the business has recently sold and that may be on the cards in the future. We enjoyed our morning tea and made some purchases. You might know some of the items from my photos – aromatic door stops, heat packs, soaps, clothing protectors, loofah and wash packs for gardeners, and much more.



Heading back to the town centre we stopped in a gallery and whilst we liked some of the paintings and artwork we don’t have room for it at home. Back to the van for a quiet afternoon with a casserole cooking in the slow cooker.

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