CAWA Trip 2018 -William Bay National Park

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Not long after leaving Valley of the Giants we passed a farm of deer and hope to get a photo on the return journey. We arrived in Denmark and found the auto electrician easily and dropped off the battery pack for repair. We will pick it up on Friday when we arrive here to stay overnight. Deciding on the tavern for a full meal for lunch we both settled on chicken schnitzel which was very nice. The tourist booklet gives two scenic drives here so with the sun staying out we decided to brave the wind and take the beach route home.

Driving along Ocean Beach Road we found the turn off to the first of three scenic lookouts. The first at Ocean Beach Lookout was spectacular with views across the inlet  to the cliffs that wind around to the town of Albany. The water is so calm and clear you can see the sand through it and the colours are amazing.


We also took in the second lookout at Sinker Bay which is a more direct view of the Southern Ocean.


Leaving this area via Lights Beach Road we headed back to the highway and turned into William Bay Road to enter the National Park. We stopped at two of the major spots but that was enough of the wind and cold.

Greens Pool ( a great swimming and snorkelling area in better weather)


Elephant Rocks (the rocks look like elephants with their heads down)

We tried for a good photo of the farm of deer (hundreds of Bambi look a likes) but this is the best shot.

Back in Walpole we bought some groceries and then headed home driving past the caravan park entrance to drive around the Knoll which is surrounded by views of the inlet sneaking through the trees. I made the most of the sun and took some photos of Coalmine Beach where we are staying. It might be quiet now but at the end of the month the park is booked out for the school holidays.



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