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Julie and I discussed the internet package for quite a while before deciding to buy it ahead of time for $130 for the full cruise and share the cost. I brought my Surface which we have been using for Facebook, Messenger, basic web pages and for posting the blog. I’m also downloading my photos from the camera each day to a folder. This is a 13 day cruise and $5 per day each is acceptable but $10 seems expensive. Being out at sea you can’t simply access a tower.

We are on a Princess cruise ship and whilst we receive the printed newsletter Princess Patter each night with the events of the next day we also can access this on our phones using the Ocean Concierge function. To use this you put your phone on Airplane Mode and then turn on Wi-fi. This gives you a screen like this and you can create your own planner which comes up in your home page. Any booked tours are also already listed on the various dates. There is also a Messenger function to contact each other for meet up times etc.

This system also allows you to buy a beverage package and track it, order your breakfast to your stateroom and keep an eye on your stateroom account.

I also found that my Telstra mobile account allows me to access unlimited calls, sms and some data while in port for $5 per day for the day it is used so we used it in Dunedin to call home and will call again at a later time. It’s worth looking into all of your options before spending your money.

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