December 26 2012

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Well here we are in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia having just celebrated Christmas with our family. The temperature was very hot and we are lucky enough to be able to have our cold buffet lunch in our meals/family room area with the air con on.
Next Christmas will be a different story!!
Glenn, Matt and I (Sandra) will have had our Christmas Eve dinner in Salzburg, Austria and then spend Christmas Day out in the mountains on a horse drawn sleigh ride. Can’t get much different than that!!!!!!
Christmas will be the end of our European winter holiday after Matt has finished his degree at uni. Our trip will include Manchester, London, Paris, Nice, Milan, Zurich, Lucerne, Frankfurt (for a couple of hours), Berlin, Munich, Salzburg and then a stopover in Dubai to thaw out on the way home. We will be away from 28 November 2013 returning in the morning of New Year’s Eve 31 December. We have organised a housesitter to look after the house and our other child, our dog Zeke.
Whilst we have been to the snow before here in Australia, I am sure it will be colder in Europe and that the longer time we are there will take it’s toll on us.
This blog will be a journal of our planning and travels for our family and friends and a keepsake for ourselves. I also hope that if you are reading it and have any tips or comments you will share them.

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  1. Avatar Barbara Kane says:

    Sandra, your blog looks great and the trip sounds so lovely, especially Christmas day. good luck with your planning . Barb

  2. Avatar Fairy says:

    Hi Sandra
    Great to see you make a start on the blog. I am sure the next 11 months will fly by and before you know it, you will be jetting off. The prior planning is definitely worthwhile as I have found that it ensures you get the maximum value from the experience.
    I am looking forward to following your adventures.
    Fairy xxx

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