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Well I know I have only just started this blog, but officially this will be my last post for 2012 so I thought I would go back to where it began.

First was the timing. Matt will finish uni exam block on 22 November so leaving as close to that time would seem the best. On our return he willl start the search for a fulltime job in his chosen career and really start his adult life. We imagine this will be the last time he will want to travel with his parents. I am sure the world will becon for him again but not with the oldies!!!

There is no much to see and so many places to go. So narrowing down the field was not an easy task. We would all like to go to America and would include Las Vegas in that. Matt however would not be 21 yet so that limits our going out together to the casinos or even hotels.

Matt and I have travelled to both Singapore and Hong Kong so we didn’t want to head back there so soon. So on to Europe and the thought of a White Christmas became the theme. Yes we know it will be freezing but that is part of it. If you want to see a White Christmas then it has to be cold.

But how to travel and where to go.

We started looking at organised tours. Finding a White Christmas tour that didn’t cost the earth was the first obstacle. We finally found a tour group Albatross Tours right here in Brisbane who run lots of Christmas Tours through parts of the French or Austrian Alps or Bavaria. But the tours run for 8-10 days and generally stay in only a couple of places away from main towns and have day excursions. I think their tours would be great for Glenn and I but with a 20 year old in tow we might feel too restricted.

So the search continued. Thank heavens for google as I finally found a company called Holidays on Location who offerred a 4 day/3 night Christmas in Salzburg which fit the bill. Arrive 23 December by our own arrangements, Christmas concert at 3pm Christmas Eve followed by Christmas Dinner and then a full day Alpine Glacier excursion with Sleigh Ride on Christmas Day. And the price – 3 adults for $1600. Sold!!!!

Now to plan the rest of the trip around this experience.

Back to the brochures and the internet (my new best friend).

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