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26 November 2019

After leaving Dunedin railway station we made our way to the city centre along Stuart Street which is only about three blocks to walk, stopping for a Christmas decoration to purchase as a souvenir and then iced coffees. While most city centres have a square as their city centre, Dunedin has an octagon and that is also its name.

The Octagon is mainly pedestrian access although the road runs around it in a one way direction. There is a grassy park surrounding the statue of the Scottish poet Robert Burns. Several of Dunedin’s significant buildings and institutions adjoin the plaza, which is also a major stop for public transport and where we would catch the shuttle bus back to the ship. Amongst the buildings are the Municipal Chambers and St Pauls Anglican Cathedral and the area is now thriving with cafes, restaurants and bars.


The side streets and laneways have seen old buildings painted with murals and we tracked down the Ed Sheeran mural by asking some students at the bus stop.

Our last stop was the First Church of Otago in a street off the Octagon. The church also houses a Heritage Centre behind the altar.


It was then time to catch the shuttle back to Port Chalmers, call home and our parents and once again board the ship. These photos of Port Calmers area were taken from the ship on our departure.



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