Group Tour or Independent Travel ???

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Well with the Christmas stay sorted, of course it was time to work out where else we wanted to go. Glenn wants to see the VW factory outside of Berlin and to see Switzerland, Matt wants to see Manchester City play soccer and go to Nice and Monaco and I want to meet my penpal who lives near Manchester, to see Royal places (Lady Di fan) in London, a show in Paris as well as the art galleries and of course the Christmas Markets particularly in Germany. And we all wanted to go to Dubai as our stopover.
We looked at various tour options but found we were not in places long enough. Also when we researched the less expensive tour options we found that the hotels did not have great reviews and they were often a long way out of the city and time was restricted by that.
So we decided that as three adults we could tour independently and stay at least three nights in most cities. We will use the Eurail system to travel between the cities by train. Given the weather possiblilites for our time of travel we think the train will be more trustworthy and save time and money by arriving in the centre of the city and not having to travel to and from airports.
There has been a lot of googling train schedules and accommodation but we have now settled on an itinerary and will be staying mostly in apartments with a couple of cities in hotels. We are going to pay the extra dollars for first class rail for the comfort factor as our main journeys are at least four hours with Zurich to Berin eight hours. Might as well be comfortable and the total travel cost only increases by about $300.
Apartments will give us some privacy and space as well as some self catering and laundry facilities.
My next post will be the itinerary.

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