Homeward Bound

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3, 4 and 5 December 2019

We now have two sea days before our arrival in Sydney and it seems Julie is coming down with the head cold as well. Unfortunately the weather is also windy and the seas rough so some more quiet time might be in order. When we arrived back on the ship from Auckland it had been fully decorated for Christmas so we had a chance to take some photos, check out the activities in the piazza area, watch some movies lazing in bed and even some reading.


Up on deck the sun was shining but the pool had been covered and the seas had turned it in to a wave pool while we watched a Crowded House concert on the big screen and had lunch on deck.

We enjoyed the finals of The Voice of the Ocean before an Australia song sing-a-long in the afternoon. Our last evening was our fine dining reservation at the Crown Grill and we both enjoyed our steaks and I finished the complimentary bottle of wine. The production show had to be cancelled due to the rough conditions so we danced to The Sound in the Piazza before retiring. Suitcases have been taken and we disembark in the morning.

As I took a photo of our entrance near the Harbour Bridge, Julie went out on deck and managed a fire hazy sunrise over the Opera House.


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