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27 November 2019

After our full day in Dunedin we had a buffet dinner followed by the Abba party in Club Fusion and enjoyed some great music and dancing. It was a little hard to wake early this morning but the day dawned lovely and calm so we headed to breakfast.

We were settled in our Muster station in the Princess Theatre when the captain announced that the weather would change dramatically through the morning and they would not be able to launch the tenders for us to take part in any of our Akaroa or Christchurch tours. It was disappointing but we are also happy to be safe. It will be easier for us to return for perhaps a drive trip in this area but sad for those who have journeyed much longer distances and were perhaps meeting people in Christchurch.

I took these photos of the Akaroa township and area before we departed.


There were some quick rearrangements of activities on board by the entertainment teams and we spent a fairly quiet and restful day. We caught up on some reading, the blog and after lunch enjoyed a spa in the hot tub in the sun (amazingly in the spa you cannot feel the ship move) before having almost a two hour afternoon sleep.

After dinner we took in the production show – Colours of the World – with singing and dancing and then the Yes/No gameshow before listening to a Beatles tribute.

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