One Night in Milan

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Why just one night?
When we started our list of where to go on this trip, of course Italy was right up there. But we couldn’t do justice to the number of cities we wanted to visit and decided on our 2 or 3 night minimum. We also decided that since we would be there before xmas our focus would be on our time in Salzburg and all things xmas along the way like the wonderful xmas markets. With Berlin an essential for Glenn and it being a long way from other cities that really reduced our time and Italy in detail will have to wait for another trip.
We needed to travel from Nice to Zurich. The train timetables indicated a very long 9 1/2 hour trip and although scenic sounded quite tiring in itself. Our plan is to use the train travel as rest days and to enjoy the scenery. The timetables also indicated that almost each journey had a stop in Milan on the way through. Our itinerary had an extra day available and we were deciding where to have it so a night in Milan to break up the train trip seemed the right choice. There are varying departure times from Nice with three daytime trains but I was able to find a half day sightseeing tour with entry to da Vinci’s Last Supper included which departs at 2-30pm so it is essential that we arrive in Milan with time to check in to our hotel and find our meeting point for the tour.
It will be an early start leaving Nice at 7.25am for a 5 1/2 hour trip along the Riviera to the Italian town of Ventimiglia to change to the Italian train. The trip will continue through Genoa to Milan where we will arrive at 12.50pm. We will be staying at the Hotel Fenice which reports a 20 minute walk to the Duomo which I believe is the first port of call for the tour. The tour includes

  • 2.5-hour tour of Milan with tickets to da Vinci’s Last Supper
  • 1-hour walking tour of central Milan
  • Breathtaking Duomo cathedral
  • Admission to La Scala theater and museum

milan_duomo5 milan_galleria1
Following the tour we will have time for dinner and I believe shopping as there is late night shopping in Milan on Thursday nights the same as here at home in Brisbane.
Our train to Zurich the next day would leave at 11.10am for a 3 to 4 hour journey depending on the route taken so we would see some lovely scenery in the daylight hours.

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