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We will both be retired through 2020 so we will have time for an extended overseas trip. Glenn has wanted to visit another World Expo for a long time and when we found out that Dubai will be hosting through 2020 – 2021 it seemed like the perfect opportunity. I’ll post more later but check out their website to see how amazing it is looking. The theme is Connecting Minds, Connecting The Future.

It seems silly to use 14 hours of flying time for only one destination but we also have to consider that we need to travel to Dubai around the winter months so that the temperatures are reasonable. We don’t want to pack heavy coats and boots to cart around with us so we have decided to add touring Spain and Portugal to the agenda. We have already made some of our bookings for two river cruises.

In mid October we will fly to Dubai and stay in the old town area for 3 nights then fly on to Barcelona. After a short stay we will travel by train to Valencia and then again to Madrid with stays in each city. Back on the train to Seville where we take our first river cruise along the Guadalquivir River to Cadiz as well as day trips to Cordoba and Granada.

Following the cruise we will fly to Lisbon for 4 nights before taking the train to Porto for a river cruise on the Douro River to Salamanca. As the cruise ends we will return to Dubai to spend two weeks taking in World Expo. We will return home at the end of November.

More details to come in future posts.

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