Relaxing at Lake Awoonga

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Today is a very relaxed day and we are heading out to Lake Awoonga which is only about half an hour drive.

While Glenn was packing his fishing rods and gear he noticed a familiar face in the next row and it was Ross and Di who we had camped with a few times on the trip last year both around Uluru and then again in the goldfields of Western Australia. By chance their car has broken down and they were staying here while it is being repaired. An invite for a cuppa this afternoon and a catch up.

We drove out to the lake stopping at both Lookout 1 and 2 for these photos.


After finding a spot we settled in for Glenn to fish and me to read or crochet and simply relax. Council workers were updating the facilities but you can see the lovely shelters built along the bank for all to enjoy. No camping is allowed but there is a caravan park along the banks of the lake. The boat ramp was to our right hand side. Sadly whilst it was a beautiful day, Glenn only caught catfish or weeds and after eating our lunch we decided to head back.


We decided to check out the Boyne River inlet across from the caravan park as we arrived home and then enjoyed our cuppa and chat with Ross and Di including the home baked banana bread. Time to start packing up as we start the home journey tomorrow.



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