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Our next adventure in the caravan is now here. We headed out this morning on our way to Carnarvon Gorge in Central Queensland. It felt really weird only packing for 12 days when last time we packed for 6 months and clothes are still the question as it will range from very cool temps at night to much warmer during the day. We headed off by around 10am after the school and work traffic settled and wound out way over the ranges via Blackbutt and had a lunch stop at a lovely park at Yarraman. We then climbed the Cooyar Range where we caught our first views of the farming country laid out in front of us. Turning off we headed on some very bumpy roads for a cross country trip to Dalby before making our stop for the night at Warra.

Warra is about half way between Dalby and Chinchilla and we found a very nice free camp which we shared with six other travellers. The town has created a small pioneer style park with the centrepiece being the old railway station building which now houses the toilets.

We settled in for a relaxing afternoon and Glenn cooked some steaks on the bbq for dinner. In the morning we took a walk around the park learning that the town business was once an underground coal mine from 1914 to 1919 until water seepage became a problem. Old buildings from the district have been moved here and restored including an old jail and the Haystacks school building which was restored by former pupils to represent a range of small schools in the district. On the corner opposite the park is the Warra Hotel, an impressive building where you can once imagine crowds of people as they came  off the train line that is lies beside. Now it is only open Wednesday to Sunday so we could simply take photos.

There is also the Warra log which has now been held in place as it has escaped during the floods over various years and then been retrieved. We were very happy to leave a donation to support this community and the free camp.





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