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Well I started this post yesterday while trying to learn how to use more fully my Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2.0. I downloaded the manual which is 125 pages so I sat at the main computer and worked my way through understanding the settings, found the applications (apps) already on it and in the process worked out how to use the calendar and put both it and my email on the front page.

Then I thought I would start typing a post for my blog as that is what I will be doing on the trip. I got very frustrated by the preempted text and googled my way to a dummies book to get rid of that. Obviously it annoys a lot of people. I got part way through and needed to delete something but – laugh if you must – I cannot find a delete button, only backspace. So it is back to the laptop at the moment and I will need to google again.

This is why I bought the tablet a year out from needing it. I have also bought the card reader usb connection to put photos on to it direct from the new camera we bought last year and have already started using. And I am yet to put music on either the tablet or my phone but I will get there.

Perserverance is the key.

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