The Warrego Way

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This morning we set off driving west on the Warrego Highway with lots of either stops or slow speeds for roadworks. Of course now that the rainy season is over you can’t ask for much else in Queensland. After Chinchilla we decided on  coffee stop at Miles and found caravan parking in the centre of town at Remembrance Park. After chatting to some fellow travellers we followed their recommendation to taste test the pies at the bakery after a wander around town.

Back in the car we drove towards Roma passing through many small towns and buying fuel before stopping at The Big Rig. It was a walk and some fruit for lunch after our morning tea stop and a visit to the tourist centre for some brochures on our destination.


After our stop we turned off the Warrego Highway into the Carnarvon Highway which also forms part of the Great Inland Way, a series of our highways that when combined run from Sydney in New South Wales to Cooktown in Queensland. Perhaps another way to add to the list.

We arrived at Injune and found the Possum Park Racecourse which is our camp for tonight. After paying $15 for power and water at the tourist centre we found a spot and spent some time chatting to our neighbours. We had no tv reception here so out came the dvd’s and it is unlikely that we will have tv, phone or internet at Carnarvon Gorge so you will have to wait a little while for my tales.

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