Walking in Carnarvon Gorge – Amphitheatre and Moss Garden

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Our next stop along the track was the junction for the walk to the Amphitheatre which is 600 m in and up. We stopped first to eat some of our lunch and I decided Glenn could do this one alone. The thought of scaling tiered ladders did not thrill me and I enjoyed the half hour rest. Glenn took the camera and climbed the ladders, and walked through a narrow crevice revealing a 60m chasm hidden deep inside the gorge.

Moss and ferns blanket the sandstone floor and the towering stone walls and natural skylight created some great photos.

Our return journey continued along the trail and over the creek crossing to our final stop at the Moss Garden. Again it was 650 m off the main track, over a tricky creek crossing and then a climb into a sheltered side gorge, a haven of rainforest, moss-covered rocks and soaring cliffs. At the end of the boardwalk the Moss Garden is in full view. A small waterfall cascades over the sandstone ledge, collecting in a clear pool, lined with colourful rocks and water-carved boulders. Elegant tree ferns live amongst the carpet of lush mosses, liverworts and ferns. All the while the water trickles through the sandstone walls and looks like soft rain.


We reversed our steps thinking that this way the worst of the walks off the main track. Little did I know that on one of the water flows into the creek I would have a stone slip from under my feet and land in the water. The remaining 1.5 km walk back was even worse when you are wet through but we made it. We were very glad to have booked in for the roast dinner at the restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed a drink before our roast, veg and then apple crumble with custard. A well deserved sleep was had after walking roughly 14 km.



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