Walking in Carnarvon Gorge – Short Walks

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After a slow start with a few aches and pains, we decided to stretch our legs and muscles by trying two of the short walks – Rock Pool and Mickey Creek Gorge. We took some morning tea with us as the Rock Pool has a picnic area and toilet facilities. Both car parking areas are situated before you enter the main park although the Rock Pool does also have a walking track from the main car park area.

The walk to the Rock Pool is a short 300 metres but does involve two creek crossings. I stayed back and took in the views from the picnic area while Glenn walked in for some extra photos. The Rock Pool is the only place in Carnarvon Gorge where you can go swimming in hot weather.


After morning tea we drove to the second carpark and started the 1.5 km walk to Mickey Creek. Others had warned us that the track does get rocky in parts so we decided to see how far we wanted to go. Again the walking track followed the creek bed with the gorge walls around you. We had probably walked about 1 km before we came to a creek crossing and stairs ahead of us so I decided to head back to the car. Glenn continued on to an intersection and chose to take Warrumbah Creek walk as other walkers told him that both were similar. This led him to a rocky floor gorge at the end.


We headed back to the caravan park for lunch and a rest, before tackling the walk up to the Lookout within Takarakka park. We were rewarded with some views across the top of the trees and the sandstone cliffs.

After chatting with our neighbours we headed to the platypus pool, again within Takarakka to chance our luck at spotting the platypus on dusk. We were lucky enough to make out the outline of them a couple of times and then wandered back to chat and share a drink while our dinner finished cooking in the slow cooker. We move on to our next stop tomorrow.





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