Walking in Carvarvon Gorge – Ward’s Canyon

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Leaving the Art Gallery it wasn’t long before we came to the junction for Ward’s Canyon. The sign warned of a short but steep climb in to the Canyon but we were game. We weren’t walking back here again.

It’s only 270 m in from the main track but it is all uphill with more than 200 sandstone steps through towering spotted gums. About halfway we were rewarded with views of Lower Aijon Falls before more steps lead to the entrance of the canyon. Here you can also see the water trickle over vivid colours of the algae-coated rocks.









Once inside the canyon it is like another world with the King ferns—the world’s largest— mingling with slender tree ferns and other lush gorge vegetation. With links to ancient Gondwanan flora, the king ferns are the ‘green dinosaurs’ of this landscape. You can their height in this photo with Glenn standing under the fronds.

It was lovely and cool in this canyon but we must continue so it was back down the stairs and on to the next stop.



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